First Principles Calculations of Nucleon and Pion Properties: Understanding the Building Blocks of Nuclear Matter from Lattice QCD

Dru Renner (University of Arizona)
Richard Brower, James Osborn (Boston University)
Rebecca Irwin, Michael Ramsey-Musolf (CalTech)
Robert Edwards, David Richards (JLab)
Bojan Bistrovic, Jonathan Bratt, Patrick Dreher, Oliver Jahn, John Negele, Kostas Orginos, Andrew Pochinsky, Dmitry Sigaev (MIT)
Matthias Burkardt, Michael Engelhardt (New Mexico State University)
George Fleming (Yale)
Constantia Alexandrou, Antonios Tsapalis (University of Cyprus)
Wolfram Schroers (DESY)
Philippe de Forcrand (EHT-Zurich)
Philipp Hägler (Vrije Universiteit)

Lattice QCD is an essential complement to the current and anticipated DOE-supported experimental program in hadronic physics. In this proster we address several key questions central to our understanding of the building blocks of nuclear matter, nucleons and pions. Firstly, we describe progress at computing the electromagnetic form factors of the nucleon, describing the distribution of charge, before considering the role played by the strange quarks. We then describe the study of transition form factors to the Delta resonance. Finally, we present recent work to determine the pion form factor, complementary to the current JLab experimental determination and provding insight into the approach to asymptotic freedom.