UltraScience Net-based Wide Area Systems R&D Enabling LHC Science

Don Petravick, Fermilab

We discuss our efforts to develop effective wide-area systems for LHC computing, including our use of the the DOE UltraScience Net as a resource in for this R&D. The capablity we seek to devlop can be summarized as follows: Being able to do in a dynamic, wide area grid environment for LHC experiments what we have done between workgroups at Fermilab for the Run II experiments. For the LHC systems, host issues, transfer protocols and the model of network provisioning are differs both from on-campus applications, and use of conventional wide area networks. For example, the ingest of data from CERN into production systems at Fermilab for Service Challenge 2, which was sustained at many gigabits per second for several weeks, used a network which is more like a "lightpath" than a conventional packet switched wide area network. A salient aspect of this work is the development of Lambda Station, which allows our very large production systems to be used in the assessment of these capabilities. The DOE UltraScience Net is our fundamental network for this development.