SciDAC 2005
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Registration is closed

Registered attendees include: SciDAC project participants (researchers, PIs, DOE program managers), speakers, poster presenters, and other invited guests (including vendors and press). Badges will be required for admission to all events. There is no registration fee. Continental breakfast and working lunches will be provided for registered attendees. Please note that we intend to netcast the meeting live AND videotape it for possible later use (so by attending, you may appear in the tape and/or netcast). Registered attendees will be mailed a copy of the proceedings volume when it is published after the meeting.

Registration is closed. Due to unexpected influx of registrants, we have closed it early! There will be NO onsite registration of additional attendees who did not receive a specific invitation.

Onsite registration (badge pickup and presenter check-in only) will open at 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 26 in the BayView room on the 36th floor (this is where the Sunday reception, Poster receptions and lunches will be held). We STRONGLY encourage all attendees arriving on Sunday to come upstairs and check in BEFORE it is time for the reception (that way you can walk right in to the reception instead of having to register at the door). Speakers and poster presenters please bring your materials for the proceedings with you to registration!

Monday morning, registration will open at 7 a.m. on the Ballroom level. Speaker check-in/registration and Press registration will be in the Merced room (this is the room we will use all week for the conference operations team and registration staff). Registration for general attendees (including all non-presenters, even session chairs and panel speakers -- those not contributing to the published proceedings) will be in the Ballroom foyer. Take note of the signage so you don't waste time in the wrong line.

NOTE: speakers and poster presenters are by invitation only.
ALL SciDAC speakers and poster presenters are expected to produce a formal paper for the proceedings; these papers are due June 26-29.

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