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Since Conference posters are by invitation, there will be no advance poster submission process. Electronic copies will be posted (linked from List of Posters), as they are made available. Please send electronic copies of posters to Betsy Riley (or bring a copy on a CD to the conference). You may use jpeg or pdf formats for the electronic copy. (The electronic copy is only for posting on the web, you are responsible for printing your own poster and bringing it to the conference for display.)

For best results in sending electronic copies, use the ORNL file upload system (send files to

Poster Size

Each poster will have a 4' x 4' space on a shared 8' x 4' freestanding bulletin board. Small tables (suitable for holding a notebook computer) will be available. Velcro and push pins will be provided.

Poster sessions will be held Monday and Wednesday evenings on the top floor of the Grand Hyatt in the scenic Bay View/Union Square rooms. Because these sessions follow a generous dinner break, only light hors d'oeurves will be served. Poster presenters are expected to be present and available for discussion.


Please provide an abstract for your poster that we can link from the web agenda. Email ONE paragraph in plain text (with complete list of authors) to Betsy Riley


Each Poster is expected to generate a formal paper for the proceedings. Instructions on format, size, etc. are now available. The papers are due June 26, when you arrive at the conference.

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