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Abstracts of papers from invited talks and plenariesare linked from the talk title and are in html format. Slides from presentations and panels (if available) are linked from the last column, with the format (ppt, pdf, etc.) indicated. The invited talks and plenaries were be netcast live. Archive copies of the netcast are in .wmv are are linked from the speaker's name (or are available in chronological order on the netcast archive page, which also includes opening and closing remarks). The panels and poster receptions were NOT netcast or recorded.

Opening Address
Michael StrayerDOE Computational Science for the 21st Century (transcript)
Thom DunningNCSA/UIUC SciDAC in the Future ppt
Mike NormanUCSD Astrophysics: The History of Cosmic Baryons: Discoveries Using Advanced Computing ppt
Giulia GalliLLNL Chemistry: Materials Design from First Principles: Are We There Yet? ppt
Warren WashingtonNCAR Climate Science: The Computational Future for Climate Change Research
(mov | mpg | avi)
Evatt HawkesSNL Combustion Energy Science: Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Combustion -- Fundamental Insights Towards Predictive Models
( mpeg | avi | avi | mpeg)
Akira KageyamaJAMSTEC Earth Science: New Geodynamo and Mantle Convection Simulation Results from the Earth Simulator Using the Yin-Yang Grid 
Stephane EthierPrinceton Fusion Energy: Gyrokinetic Particle-in-Cell Simulations of Plasma Microturbulence on Advanced Computing Platforms ppt
Norman ChristColumbia Lattice QCD: QCDOC: Project Status and First Results ppt
Tetsuya SatoEarth Simulator Computational Science Abroad: Macro-Micro Multiplier Simulatorppt
Panel: SciDAC II: The Shape of Things to Come
Bill GroppANLASCR 
David KeyesColumbiaASCR 
Dave BaderLLNLBER 
Nagiza SamatovaORNLBER pdf
Jackie ChenSNLBES 
Rob RyneLBNLHE/NP ppt
Panel: SciDAC II: Perspectives on Hardware and Software Infrastructure
Lenny OlikerLBNLThe NERSC Benchmark Suite ppt
Kenny RocheORNLThe DOE Matrix 
Richard MountSLACData Management  
Chris JohnsonU. UtahVisualization 
Roy WhitneyJLabNetworking  
Panel: The Vendor's Perspective
Steve ScottCray  
Don GriceIBM  
David BarkaiIntel  
Eng Lim GohSGI  
Invited Talks Accelerator Design
Warren MoriUCLA Recent Advances in Modeling Lasers/Plasma Accelerators: A Path towards Miniaturizing Accelerators from Kilometers to Metersppt
Kwok KoSLAC Impact of SciDAC on Office of Science Accelerators through Electromagnetic Modeling
(avi | avi | avi)
Invited Talks Applied Mathematics
Mark AdamsColumbia/PPPL Ax=b: the link between Gyrokinetic Particle Simulations of Turbulent Transport in Burning Plasmas and micro-FE analysis of whole vertebral bodies in Orthopaedic Biomechanics ppt
Paul FischerANL Spectral Elements for Anisotropic Diffusion and Incompressible MHD ppt
Omar GhattasCMU Optimization of Systems Governed by PDEs: Algorithms and Applications in Computational Science and Engineering ppt
Chao YangLBNL Solving Large-scale Eigenvalue Problems in SciDAC Applications ppt
Invited Talks Astrophysics
John BlondinNC State Discovering New Dynamics of Core Collapse Supernova Shock Waves
(avi | mpg | mpg | qt | qt | mov | qt)
Doug SwestySUNY Stony Brook Multigroup Models of the Convective Epoch in Core Collapse Supernovae ppt
Invited Talks Biology
Phil ColellaLBNL Spatial Modeling in Systems Biology ppt
Tjerk StraatsmaPNNL Scalable Molecular Dynamics ppt
Invited Talks Chemistry
Mark GordonAmes High Performance Correlated Electronic Structure Theory ppt
Martin Head-GordonUCB/LBNL New approaches to fast electron correlation methods pdf
Invited Talks Climate Science
Jim HackNCAR How Is Computational Capability Pacing the Realistic Simulation of Earth's Climate System? pdf
David RandallCSU Counting the Clouds
(mov | mov)
Invited Talks Combustion Energy Science
Marc DayLBNL Tools for Simulating Turbulent Premixed Laboratory-Scale Flames
(mov | mov | mov | mov)
Hong G. ImU. Michigan Interaction of Turbulence, Chemistry, and Radiation in Strained Nonpremixed Flames ppt
Invited Talks Computer Science
Pete BeckmanANL Operating System Suites for Petascale Systems 
Jim Demmel | part 2UC Berkeley The Future of Numerical Linear Algebra Libraries
Automatic Tuning of Sparse Matrix Codes
The next LAPACK and ScaLAPACK
Scott KlaskyPPPL Data Management on the Fusion Computational Pipeline
(mov | mov | avi | mov | mov | mov | mpg | mov)
Kwan-Liu MaUC Davis Scientific Discovery through Advanced Visualization
( mpg | mpg | mov | mov | mov | avi | avi | avi)
Rob RossANL Achievements and Challenges in I/O for Computational Science ppt
Jeff VetterORNL Embracing Uncertainty: Performance Analysis and Prediction for Next-Generation Computer Architectures pdf
Invited Talks Fusion Energy
Gregory RewoldtPPPL/UC Irvine Particle-in-Cell Simulations of Electron Transport from Plasma Turbulence pdf
Carl SovinecU. Wisconsin Nonlinear Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Simulations using High-Order Finite Elements pdf
Invited Talks Grids
Branko RuscicANL Active Thermochemical Tables: Thermochemistry for the 21st Century ppt
Daniel WickeFermilab D0 Top Quark Results and their Dependence on Successful Grid Computing pdf
Invited Talks Lattice QCD
Paul Mackenzie Fermilab The Fundamental constants of Nature from Lattice Gauge Theory Simulations pdf
John NegeleMIT Understanding Hadron Structure from Lattice QCD in the SciDAC Era pdf
Invited Talks Materials Science
Thomas SchulthessORNL Exciting New Insights into Strongly Correlated Oxides
Due to Advanced Computing
Alex ZungerNREL Quantum-Architecture of Novel Solids and Nanostructures 
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