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Since Conference presentations are by invitation, there will be no advance review process. Presentations will be posted (linked from the Agenda) during the breaks FOLLOWING each session, so that last minute changes can be incorporated. Please provide your presentation as a PPT and/or PDF either on a CD or in a separate folder on your laptop (containing just that talk and associated files) so that we can easily load it to a thumbdrive or CD.

Lengths of presentations

Keynote and Plenary presentations are 40 minutes each with an extra 5 minutes allowed for questions. Invited talks have 25 minutes each, also with 5 additional minutes allowed for questions. Panelists each have 15 minutes, but in panel sessions we have allowed extra time for discussion after all the panelists have spoken. The entire schedule is tight AND the days are already long--please plan accordingly.

A/V Preparation

We will be expecting speakers to bring their own notebooks to plug in to the projector. We will have a speaker ready room near the ballroom where you can do a final preview of your presentation and are bringing our own AV staff. Speakers are welcome to show up early (and during break times) to hook up and verify operation. Mac users might want to bring proper adaptors for compatibility with the projector.


Please provide an abstract for your presentation that we can link from the web agenda. Email ONE paragraph in plain text (with complete list of authors) to Betsy Riley


Formal papers are expected from each Plenary and Invited speaker, and from Poster Presenters; these will be published in a formal (hardcover) proceedings to be issued after the meeting. The finished papers are expected to be ready by June 26 (for speakers to bring with them to the conference). Information from the panels will NOT be included in the proceedings, nor will the White Papers being prepared by the OC.

Please carefully follow the instructions for format, length, etc. of papers for the proceedings, and bring all the requested materials with you to the conference.

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