SIAM 2013

March 22-24, 2013


Transportation and Parking

The University of Tennessee is located in downtown Knoxville. To arrive by air, it is most convenient to use the Knoxville airport (TYS). There is a cab stand at the airport, and it is a 15 minute ride to the downtown area. It is also possible to use the Nashville airport (BNA) or the Atlanta airport (ATL); however, both of these require an additional 3 hr. car ride.

If driving by car, Knoxville is accessible by I-40 from the east and west, by I-75 from the north and south, and by I-81from the northwest. An interactive map of the campus and surrounding area can be found here:

Knoxville has limited public transportation. Information can be found here:

Travel to and from Oak Ridge will be be provided on Saturday. Buses will leave from and return to the UTK campus.

If attendees are driving to campus (as opposed to walking from the hotel, etc.), they will  need to park in Volunteer Hall Garage.  Volunteer Hall Garage is located on the corner of White Avenue and 16th Street.  The entrance is located on White Avenue.  Attendees should bring their parking stubs to the conference and we will provide them with a sticker which validates their parking.



Funding for this meeting is provided by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics,
the Department of Energy Office of Advanced Scientific Computing, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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