4th Workshop on Sparse Grids and Applications

Latex Templates for the proceedings: [download]

Note: The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to August 5, 2016

Sparse grids are a popular approach for the numerical treatment of high-dimensional problems. Where classical numerical discretization schemes fail in more than three or four dimensions, sparse grids, in their different flavors, are frequently the method of choice, be it spatially adaptive in the hierarchical basis or via the dimensionally adaptive combination technique.

Following the highly successful workshops on Sparse Grids and Applications: SGA 2011 in Bonn, Germany, SGA 2012 in Munich, Germany, and SGA2014 in Stuttgart, Germany, the 4th workshop on Sparse Grid and Applications will take place October 4-7, 2016 in Miami, Florida. The workshop is co­-sponsored by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and The Office of Science, Advanced Simulation Research Computing (ASCR), at the Department of Energy.

The aim is to bring together researchers and practitioners using sparse grids and their variants. Both theoretical and practical aspects are highly welcome. Topics of sparse grids and their applications include:

- spatially/dimensionally adaptive refinement
- complexities and error bounds
- wavelets
- high-order methods
- data mining (classification, regression, clustering, etc.)
- (stochastic) partial differential equations
- interpolation and quadrature
- parameter identification
- integral equations
- dimensionality reduction
- efficient/parallel data structures
- sparse grid software
- applications using sparse grids
- uncertainty quantification

but are not limited to them.

If there is enough interest, we will consider to publish selected papers in a proceedings book after the workshop. The proceedings of SGA 2011 can be found here, those of the SGA 2012 here, and those of the SGA 2014 here.

Invited speakers:

Kenneth L. Judd,  Stanford University
C. T. Kelley,           North Carolina State University
Raul F. Tempone,  King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Tino Ullrich,           University of Bonn