HPCS 2006 Workshop
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HPCS Language Workshop

July 12-13, 2006
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Location: Building 5600, C212-A

The "Programming Models for HPCS" Project will host a workshop at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to plan the next stage of the advanced language part of DARPA's HPCS program. The workshop will focus on the languages X10, Chapel, and Fortress, proposed by IBM, Cray, and Sun respectively, together. We will discuss how their designs and implementations might evolve in Phase III of the DARPA HPCS program. Information on the languages can be found here.

In addition to the HPCS vendors, we plan to include members of the "Programming Models for HPCS" Project (listed below) who have been engaged in a DARPA-funded study of the languages and continuing research in compiler and runtime issues related to their efficient implementation. We have also invited a small number of representatives from application groups.

Topics are likely to include:

  • What is the current state of the HPCS languages: X10, Chapel, and

  • What are the vendor plans for their languages through December 2007?

  • What requirements do applications have for new programming languages?

  • What is the next step for the HPCS languages? Can we develop a process for selecting among them or merging them so as to focus on one new language? What are the vendor recommendations for the process of moving from three HPCS languages to one?

  • What productivity-increasing features (not just syntax) of a vendor's HPCS language would another vendor support or object to supporting?

  • What are the barriers to adoption of a new languages by parts of the HPC community, and how can these barriers be overcome?

  • What basic computer science research is needed to support the development of compiler and runtime systems that implementations of languages like these will require for achieving high performance on the machines of the near future.

The agenda, still being finalized, will include presentations on the current state of the language efforts, description of application needs, and an examination of critical implementation issues.

The workshop will be hosted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. A block of rooms has been reserved at the Doubletree hotel in Oak Ridge. To register for the workshop, contact Sherry Hempfling at hempflingce@ornl.gov or visit the web site at


Questions about the workshop can be directed to any of us:

Rusty Lusk, ANL (lusk@mcs.anl.gov)
Bill Gropp, ANL (gropp@mcs.anl.gov)
Kathy Yelick, LBNL (yelick@cs.berkeley.edu)
Robert Harrison, ORNL (harrisonrj@ornl.gov)
John Mellor-Crummey, Rice U. (johnmc@rice.edu)


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