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As one of the nation's leaders in technology transfer and cooperative R&D, we welcome partnerships with computer manufacturers, software vendors, and applications-oriented researchers, ranging from geneticists to metallurgists and automotive engineers. We offer a variety of ways to work jointly, including collaborative research and development agreements (CRADAs), guest research assignments, postgraduate fellowships, and technology licensing agreements. And because we know that computer-based research and modeling is often the key to a company's competitive edge, we have special provisions designed to protect proprietary information.

We're happy to share our knowledge with everyone...but unless you want us to, we won't share yours.

In addition to our sponsors from government and industry, our collaborators include:

Some of the research areas in which we're collaborating:

  • climate modeling, boiler simulation, seismic data analysis
  • special materials development, metal stamping
  • crash analysis, automotive design
  • pattern recognition, datamining, database management systems
  • in-vehicle information systems, traffic management
  • neuroprocessors, neural nets, intelligent sensors
  • enhanced robotic control and sensing, cooperative robots
  • decision support systems, crisis management systems

Individual researchers interested in working with us should check out our job listings (we also list fellowship openings). Organizations interested in working with us should contact our division office.