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Testing of VLANs over Hybrid Circuits

USN capabilties are utilized in carrying out several experiments using Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) over layer-1 (SONET) and layer-3 (IP) dedicated connections. These experiments enabled us to make some important observations:

A. VLANs for Data-Plane Alignment for Layer 1-3 Connections: We demonstrated that layer 1 and 2 connections (e.g. povisioned on networks such as USN, CHEETAH and HOPI) can be composed with layer-3 connections (e.g. provisioned by OSCARS) using VLANS; this composition is achieved by simple cross-connect on a layer-2 switch.

B. Jitter and Dynamic Characteristics VLANs over SONET, IP and Composite Connections:

These resutls are briefly summarized in the following:








We are currently carrying out more experiments and analysis on these aspects. The above results were summarized at USN - Update Presentation at 2006 Summer ESCC Meeting.

Brief Description of Experimental Setup

The following is the setup used in our experiments:

More details of the experimental setup are provided in ourUSN - Update Presentation at 2006 Summer ESCC Meeting.


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