The TORC project is a collaborative effort between the University of Tennessee's Innovative Computer Laboratory and the Computer Science and Mathematics Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The research areas of the project include:

  • Computing across mixed Unix and NT clusters
  • Combining clusters across administrative domains
  • Performance evaluation of multiple interconnects and protocols (VIA, FM,...)
  • Development of a cluster management tool suite
  • COTS cluster driven immersive devices -- cost effective CAVES
  • Testbed for evaluating heterogeneous clusters
  • Support research on NetSolve, Harness, Atlas, and Scalapack projects

There are several clusters both at UT and ORNL that are a part of the resources available to the TORC project. Presently the largest is High TORC.

HighTORC: 64-node cluster
(128 Pentium III processors)

TORC     C3     M3C     OSCAR     PVM NT/WINDOWS


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Computer Science and Math Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Last Modified: April 6, 2001