History of Supercomputing

Panel 7 -- 1971-1975

timeline only

Noting DOD's success with ARPANET (the first nationwide network), DOE creates MFEnet and ESnet, nationwide networks linking the labs together and allowing researchers remote access to the first DOE-wide computing center.

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1971 CDC Star, Nicholas Wirth develops Pascal, Ted Hoff, S. Mazor, & F. Fagin-Intel 4004 microprocessor-a "computer on a chip"
Global modeling of terrestrial carbon exchanges
1972 Ray Tomlinson sends first email, IEEE Computer Society
1973 Large-scale integration, Burrough's Illiac IV early large scale parallel processing
1974 John Vincent Atanasoff recognized as the creator of the modern computer
The Controlled Thermonuclear Research Computer Center (precursor to NERSC), established to support magnetic fusion research, goes on line in July 1974 with a borrowed computer, a Control Data Corp. 6600 (1 megaflop).
Argonne takes delivery of an IBM 370/195
1975 Large-scale integration-10,000 components on 1 sq. cm chip, Robert Metcalfe "Ether Acquisition", Gordon Bell-Vax Project
DOE creates ESnet

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