History of Supercomputing

Panel 6 -- 1966-1970

timeline only

The greater availability and stability of powerful computers leads to broader computational support of energy research: modeling fusion plasmas and magnetic fields for tokamak designs, energy balanced atmosphere models, and smokestack emissions modeling.

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1966 RS-232-C standard for data exchange between computers & peripherals, IBM 1360 Photostore-onlne terabit mass storage
1967 CMOS integrated circuits, Texas Instruments Advanced Scientific Computer (ASC)
Computer simulations are beginning to replace the use of physical "phantoms" in calculating radiation dosages
1968 RAND-decentralized communication network concept, Donald Knuth-algorithms & data structures separate from their programs, Univac 9400
1969 Arpanet, Seymour Cray-CDC 7600 (40 megaflops), US Moon Landing
1970 Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, "Computer" monthly debuts, Unix developed by Dennis Ritchie & Kenneth Thomson

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