History of Supercomputing

Panel 11 -- 1997-1999

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Through advances in scientific simulations, we are able to study how we affect the environment and how future environments may affect us. We are unlocking the genetic code and exploring the basic stucture of matter, from the tiniest sub-atomic particle to the universe itself. As we approach the twenty-first century and see the phenomenal strides that have been made through advances in computing and simulation science, just imagine what we can accomplish next.

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1997ASCI Red -- first teraflop computer delivered
Linked runs of CTH and LSMS over ATM using PVM on ORNL/SNL paragons (more info)
CalTech/JPL simulates 50,000 synthetic forces
NetSolve -- remote solving of complex scientific problems over a network
1998 DOE sweeps awards at SC98
LSMS achieves a teraflop on a T3E and wins the Gordon Bell award
ATLAS -- automatic generation and optimization of numerical software

Large scale genome analysis
Protein structure prediction
1999 ASCI Blue -- three teraflop systems installed at LANL and LLNL
National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX)
25th anniversary of NERSC

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