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Statistics and Data Sciences      Archival page 2002

Computational Sciences Section

The Statistics and Data Sciences group conducts research in the analysis and exploration of data, the collection and organization of data, and decisions based on data. Our work is relevant from the design phase of an experiment or study to the final phase of analysis and interpretation. Our collaborations with other scientists cut across many areas, including the physical sciences, computational sciences, environmental sciences, biological sciences, epidemiology, engineering, and chemistry.

Group Projects

Some current projects:

Some project results:

Dennis Wolf in his office

R&D 100 award

Dennis Wolf of CSM was part of an ORNL team receiving an R&D 100 award for the Block II Chemical Biological Mass Spectrometer.

Chuck Bayne in his office

ASA Fellow

Charles K. Bayne of CSM was elected to be a Fellow in the American Statistical Association.


C. K. Bayne (group leader)

If you have an interest in collaborating with us, contact the Chuck Bayne, (865)574-3134. .