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Simons Reunion Mini-symposium

In honor of Jack Simons' 60th birthday a small reunion is being planned, where former and current colleagues would be invited to share briefly their current research activities in a seminar-like atmosphere.

It seems that June, in or around SLC, is the best time to hold this event. So, letís plan to congregate late afternoon/early evening on June 18th at the Yarrow in Park City (http://www.yarrowresort.com/ ). On Sunday the 19th we will have our reunion/minisymposium.

Presentation Schedule (pdf)


We have confirmed a $79/night room rate (up to double occupancy) at the Yarrow for Saturday and Sunday, June 18 and 19.


Please indicate whether you will attend, using this form. A list of those that have responded (including some tests of the form by folks at ORNL) can be viewed here.

More details concerning the mini-symposium in June

  1. Please plan to gather on the afternoon/evening of June 18 at the Yarrow Resort Hotel in Park City (we probably will plan nothing formal for that evening Ė but perhaps we will do something informal/spontaneous as folks arrive).
  2. Note that you need to make your own reservations by calling the hotel directly (1-800-927-7694) and ask for the reservations department.
  3. You should ask for the Simons reunion to receive the special negotiated rate of 79.00/night (standard taxes will still be added).
  4. June 19 we will hold our mini-symposium in a meeting room provided by the Yarrow Resort Hotel.
  5. Best guess is that we will have on the order of 20-30 attendees and the idea would be to have as many 15-20 minute presentations on technical activities as time allows (I will set an agenda as we get closer to June 19).
  6. After the mini-symposium, we are looking to find a restaurant in Park City which might have a room on the side where we could have dinner and afterwards spend a few hours hoisting a few brews, looking at pictures and slides, and reminiscing about old times.

Donít forget to visit the RSVP link to indicate whether or not you will join us for the mini-symposium in June.