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Dr. Jeff A. Nichols

In addition to heading the Computer Science and Mathematics Division, Jeff Nichols is also acting director of the National Center for Computational Sciences and the National Leadership Computing Facility at ORNL.

Jeff Nichols

Acting Director
National Center for Computational Sciences / National Leadership Computing Facility
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P.O. Box 2008
Bldg. 4500N MS 6164
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6164
Email:   nicholsja@ornl.gov
Phone:   865-574-6224
Fax:   865-574-6076

Special Issue of Journal of Physical Chemistry

Jeff Nichols, Ken Jordan and Alex Boldyrev will be Guest Editors for a special issue of JPC ("Simons festschrift") to be published in December of 2005 in celebration of Jack Simons' 60th birthday.

Simons Reunion Mini-symposium

Also in honor of Jack Simons' 60th birthday, a small reunion is being planned, where former and current colleagues would be invited to share briefly their current research activities in a seminar-like atmosphere.

Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry textbook

Downloadable software (Gzipped Tar file | Tar file) from the textbook Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry by Jack Simons and Jeff Nichols, Oxford University Press, 1997. Description and individual downloads