Data System Sciences & Engineering Group

DSSE goes past traditional approaches to develop new methods for meeting user needs across a wide range of domains. These systems are able to develop actionable insights from massive, dynamic, disparate data while enabling the user to ask more complex questions and detect more complex answers.

Group Leader: Tommy Nelson
Phone: 865.574.0834

Group Secretary: Angie Scott
Phone: 865-241-0331
Fax: 865-241-4077


John D. Bell

Adam S. Bengston

Susan T. Bowen

Nityhya M. Brown

Michael N. Burnett

Ethan Cantrell

M. L. Casada


Craig M. Conway


Kristopher M. Daley

Ling H. Davis


Frank A. DeNap

Charlie Frasure

Shervia M. Grant

Whitney L. Heaston

Morgan A. Heck

Megen B. Houldridge

Carolyn Jarnigan

Sonja B. Jones

Linda Kanz


Winnie C. Kistler

Ronald W. Lee

Chris Lindsley

J. F. Manneschmidt

Troy L. Martin

Terry L. McClure


Kyle R. McMeans

Gregory S. McNeilly

William Monday

Brad Nance

Tommy R. Nelson

Susan D. Patty

Kevin Andrew Rasch

W. Brian Ray

Robert J. Records

Rachel A. Reed

B. Timothy Rhyne

Angela Kay Sexton

Paul C. Shipe

Ronald L. Shope


Lynette M. Stehr


Jesse L. Storey


Thomas A. Taylor


Cynthia Lee Terry

Todd M. Thomas

Karen S. Turner

Lindsay L. Wilder