Scientific Data Group

Our mission is to develop cutting-edge statistical and information technologies and to bring quantitative rigor and efficiency to scientific investigations.

We conduct research in the analysis and exploration of data, the collection and organization of data, and decisions based on data. Our collaborative work concerns all stages of the scientific life cycle and utilizes computing platforms ranging from the desktop to large clusters and supercomputers. We team on projects ranging from small single discipline efforts to large multi-disciplinary and multi-institution partnerships.

Applied Statistics for the Office of Science (PowerPoint presentation)

Areas of application have included:

Chemistry, Biology and Genomics, Astrophysics, Climate, Environmental Science, National Security, Forensics, Simulation Science, Epidemiology, Fusion Science, Transportation and Automotive, Health and Safety, Grid Technologies, Manufacturing, Future Combat Systems, Remote Sensing, Computer Network Security

Group Leader: Scott Klasky
Phone: 865-241-9980
Fax: 865-241-4811
Group Secretary: Tammy Reed
Phone: 865-574-1936
Fax: 865-241-4811


Applied Mathematics
  George Ostrouchov ORNL Statistics and Data Sciences