February 6 2003 DOE SciDAC workshop:
Porting CCSM to the CRAY X1

Goals of Workshop

To identify and coordinate efforts in the port of the Community Coupled System Model (CCSM) to the Cray X1, including discussions of vectorization and software engineering issues.

Summary of Workshop

Organizers: Tony Craig (tcraig@ucar.edu) and Pat Worley (worleyph@ornl.gov).


8:30-8:40 Welcome pdf Pat Worley
8:40-9:40 Intro to vector architectures pdf Trey White
9:40-10:00 CCM/CAM work at NEC pdf Dave Parks
10:00-10:15 BREAK
10:15-10:30 Coding Styles for SX Systems pdf John Michalakes
10:30-11:00 CAM on the Cray X1 pdf Matthew Cordery &
Nathan Wichmann
11:00-11:45 POP on the Cray X1 Levesque pdf | Jones pdf John Levesque &
Phil Jones
11:45-12:00Status of Vectorizing CICE pdfPhil Jones
1:30-2:30Open discussion of other CCSM porting efforts and issue, and instructions for the afternoon sessions. Pat Worley
2:30-3:45 Breakout sessions for each component model,
discussing specific component model issues,
and planning what should be done next.
3:45-5:00Reports from component model working groups,
and closing comments.

Housing/travel information

The workshop was held in room 3416 of Building 1 at the Center Green Campus of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. There are directions at http://www.ucar.edu/ucar/bouldermap.html.

There is information about Boulder hotels at http://www.boulderlodging.com.

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