Numerical and Computational Developments to Advance Multiscale Earth System Models (MSESM)

In conjunction with the International Conference on Computational Science
June 1-3, 2015
Reykjavik, Iceland


Substantial recent development of Earth system models has enabled simulations that capture climate change and variability at ever finer spatial and temporal scales. In this workshop we seek to showcase recent progress on the computational development needed to address the new complexities of climate models and their multi-scale behavior to maximize efficiency and accuracy. This workshop brings together computational and domain Earth scientists to focus on Earth system models at the largest scales for deployment on the largest computing and data centers.


We are excited to announce that a keynote presentation by William Collins, LBNL, will kick-off the event. Dr. William Collins is an internationally recognized expert in climate modeling and climate change science. His personal research concerns the interactions among sunlight, heat, the coupled climate system, and global environmental change. He serves as a senior scientist, head of the Climate Sciences Department, and director of the Center at LBNL for Integrative Modeling of the Earth System (CLIMES) at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL); a Professor in Residence in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science at the University of California, Berkeley; and chief scientist for the Department of Energy's Enterprise in Climate and Earth System Modeling. Before joining Berkeley and Berkeley Lab, Dr. Collins was a senior scientist and Chair of the Scientific Steering Committee for the DOE/NSF Community Climate System Model project. He was a Lead Author on the Fourth Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), for which the IPCC was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, and is also acting as a Lead Author on the forthcoming Fifth Assessment. He will be speaking about "Progress in Fast, Accurate Multi-scale Climate Simulations."


The workshop consisted of 13 peer-reviewed presentations/papers in the Proceedings: Procedia Computer Science, Volume 51, 2015, ICCS 2015 International Conference On Computational Science


  • Progress in Fast, Accurate Multi-scale Climate Simulations p1995-2004, William Collins, Katherine Evans, Hans Johansen, Carol Woodward and Peter Caldwell
  • Parallel Performance Optimizations on Unstructured Mesh-Based Simulations, p2005-2014, Abhinav Sarje, Sukhyun Song, Douglas Jacobsen, Kevin Huck, Jeffrey Hollingsworth, Allen Malony, Samuel Williams and Leonid Oliker
  • On the scalability of the Albany/FELIX first-order Stokes approximation ice sheet solver for large-scale simulations of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets p2015-2024, Irina Kalashnikova, Raymond Tuminaro, Mauro Perego, Andrew Salinger and Stephen Price
  • On the Use of Finite Difference Matrix-Vector Products in Newton-Krylov Solvers for Implicit Climate Dynamics with Spectral Elements p2025-2034, Carol Woodward, David Gardner and Katherine Evans
  • Accelerating Time Integration for Climate Modeling Using GPUs p2035-2044, Rick Archibald, Katherine Evans and Andrew Salinger
  • A Time-Split Discontinuous Galerkin Transport Scheme for Global Atmospheric Model p2045-2054, Ram Nair, Lei Bao and Michael Toy
  • Analysis of ocean-atmosphere coupling algorithms : consistency and stability p2055-2064, Florian Lemarie, Eric Blayo and Laurent Debreu
  • Exploring the Effects of a High-Order Vertical Coordinate in a Non-Hydrostatic Global Model p2065-2074, Paul Ullrich and Jorge Guerra
  • High-Order / Low-Order Methods for Ocean Modeling p2075-2084, Chris Newman, Geoff Womeldorff, Luis Chacon and Dana Knoll
  • Aeras: A Next Generation Global Atmosphere Model p2086-2094, William Spotz, Thomas Smith, Irina Demeshko and Jeffrey Fike
  • Numerical modelling of pollutant propagation in Lake Baikal during the spring thermal bar," poster, Tsydenov, B., A. Kay, and A. Starchenko.
  • "Arbitrarily High-Order-Accurate, Hermite WENO Limited, Boundary- Averaged Multi-Moment Constrained Finite-Volume (BA-MCV) Schemes for 1-D Trans- port," poster, Norman, M.
  • "A Higher-Order Finite Volume Nonhydrostatic Dynamical Core with Space-Time Refinement," presentation, Johansen, H.


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