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Software has changed the way we live and revolutionized our understanding of the physical world. It has given us everything from near-instant communication to multi-scale simulations of virtual devices.

Our own history as a laboratory includes a lot about computing, starting with the ORACLE clone of MANIAC and most certainly continuing far beyond the coming exascale era. Projects across the Lab range from scientific projects to business applications like PALS. It seems that every group has some sort of software person hurriedly coding away!

The Computer Science Research Group would like to invite you to join us for a celebration of this rich software development heritage and community. We welcome posters and demonstrations on any and all unclassified software projects at the Lab, whether scientific or business oriented. Participants will each have a designated station, where they may set up a poster describing their project. Bringing laptops to provide a demonstration is encouraged!


The ORNL Software Expo will be held on Wednesday, August 5th,
on Mainstreet from 8:00am - 12:00pm.

Please click [here] to register.

Register by July 24th.


The Expo is open to all ORNL employees,
including interns, students, and postgraduates.
Registration is required only if you will be presenting.