Changes made to R functions at the AOED website

    On 12 May and 29 June 2005 the changes in 1 and 2 below were made in oedutil.R
    If you downloaded the file AIHDz (in Step 2 on Main Page) BEFORE JUNE 29 2005 from the
    FINAL DRAFT version of this web site at you should complete Step 1 Below

  1. the standard error of the Kaplan-Meir mean has been added to the list of summary statistics output by allss(). A new function kmdif() has been added to oedutil.R To update the functions in your folder as described in Step 2-a (e.g. C:\BE\AIHD )
    1. download oedutil.R to C:\BE\AIHD
    2. Start R by clicking on the R-icon in the folder C:\BE\AIHD.
    3. Open the R "File" menu and select [Source R code] and then select oedutil.R.
    4. after the prompt ">" in the R Console enter allss(SESdata",L=0.2)and the new statistic 0.046 Standard Eror of KMmean Sec 3.5
      will be listed in the output.
  2. On June 29 2005 Replace March 2005 Draft of ORNL/TM-2005/52 with Final Version
    The p value calculated by kmdif was changed to be consistent with other functions.
  3. On March 14 2006 changes were made in Item 1:
    The latest version of R was released on 2005-12-20 , and there was an error in the path to Rgui.exe
    "If you do not have R installed click here for instructions."

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