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Added Tue Apr 7 01:50:35 1998 (GMT) Jim Myers

Revised Draft DOE2000 Notebook Export Format Specification

DOE2000 Electronic Notebook Export Format Specification

(based on Noel's Perl code, the NOb spec, discussions about NObLists at the DOE2000 meeting, etc.)

General Format

The Archive is composed of a header followed by one or more NObs, each composed of multiple NOb fields.
Each NOb is contiguous.
NObs are only nested as the content of NObs of dataType "application/NObList"
Lines/fields denoted by [ ] are optional
The ordering of certain lines is not important:

Header information:


From DOE2000 Notebook <date>
From: <notebook name><notebook type>
To: Notebook Archive
Date: <fulldate>
Subject: DOE2000 Notebook Export
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-type: multipart/mixed; boundary ="==<random1>=="
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
X-ENArcMIME-Version: 1.1

For each top level NOb:

Content-NOb-Num: <n>
Content-NOb-Rev: <m>
Content-type: multipart/parallel; boundary="==<randomn>=="
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
X-NOb-Version: 1.1

For each NOb field:

Content-NOb-Field: <fieldname>
Content-Type: <MIME-type>[; charset]
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="<fieldname>"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: <encoding>
Content-Length: <contentlength>
[<Content-*>] <blankline>


<date> Day Mon Date Hr:Min:Sec Year Mon Jan 26 20:40:10 1998
<fulldate>Day, Mon Date Hr:Min:Sec Year +0000 (GMT) Mon, 26 Jan 1998 20:40:10 +0000 (GMT)
<notebook name>A user specified name for their notebookNoel's Flying Circus
<notebook type>A standard description of the engine typeORNL DOE2000 Notebook
<random1>a separator string unique from all other separators used in this file356163058429956
<randomn>other distinct separator strings unique within the enclosing blockseparator5
<blankline>an empty line"\r\n"
<n>sequential non-negative number3
<m>non-positive number0
<fieldname>the name of a NOb fieldAuthorName
<MIME-type>The MIME type of this NOb fieldtext/plain
[; charset]optional character set for text fieldscharset=us-ascii
<encoding>The encoding used for this fieldquoted-printable or
<contentlength>The length of the <content>13
<content>The actual NOb field dataElmer P. Fudd
<[Content-*]>Many other Content-* headers are possible and may be inserted by some MIME generators. If they exist, they will be ignored by the notebook engines. (any data relevant to a notebook engine should be included as a separate NOb-field)Content-Description

Standard Encodings for NOb fields

This table defines how NOb fields should be encoded and written to the archive file.
NOb FieldMIME-typeMeaningInterpretationMIME Encoding
<authorName>text/plainauthor's full namequoted-printable
<objectID>text/plainan engine specific ID string for this NObengine specificquoted-printable
<dateTime>text/plainthe date and time of NOb creationdd MMM H:m:s zzz yyyy (e.g. 26 Dec 22:43:19 EDT 1992, see Java1.1 SimpleDateFormat class for meaning)quoted-printable
<label>a user defined summary of the NObtext/plainuser definedquoted-printable
<dataType>text/plainthe MIME type/subtype of the NOb data fieldMIME type for notebook engine interpretation of the NOb dataquoted-printable
<data>data dependent, may be <dataType>the data itselffor a generic MIME reader: data of type <data dependent>
for a notebook engine: dat of type "dataType"
see table below
<dataRef>text/plaina URL to the original dataa standard (e.g. http://...) or notebook specific (e.g. EMSLarchive://...) URLquoted-printable
<objectRevision>text/plainnon-positive numbercurrent revision is "0", previous revisions are "-1", ..., "-n"quoted-printable

Recommended Standard Encodings for various MIME types (for "data" field)

Separators of the form ==random== are only guaranteed to work if all data is encoded as quoted-printable, base64, or some other format in which "==" is not a legal string. Thus this specification requires that all content be encoded as quoted-printable or base64. The encodings below are recommendations, but engines should be able to parse data encoded with the alternate format.
MIME-typeMIME Encoding

Standard Notebook Engine Interpretation for non-standard MIME types (for "data" field)

This table defines the encoding of the content of non-standard MIME types.
MIME-typeMIME Encoding
application/x-EN-NObList --==<randomn>==
Content-NObList: <n>
Content-type: multipart/parallel; boundary="==<randomn'>=="
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
X-NObList-Version: 1.1
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="NObList"
Content-Length: <contentlength>
[<individual NObs in list, separated by --==<randomn'>==> --==<randomn'>==--]

Jim Myers

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Modified Mon Oct 26 20:47:52 1998 (GMT) Elena Mendoza
Added Mon Oct 26 20:46:40 1998 (GMT) Elena Mendoza

Additions/Changes to the Export MIME spec

These are the results of our discussion on 10/26/98.  
We will use X-EnArcMime as it is a mail header and used once.   
We will use Content-NOb-Version etc since these are MIME headers.  
We will keep the top line of the header as From DOE2000 Electronic Notebook etc.  
The next line can be a reference to the individual notebook that this archive  
came from.  
We all should handle any number of blank lines in the file.  
As per mail/mime specifications we should be able to ignore any text that occurs  
in between the end of a boundary and the beginning of the next boundary.  
The date/time NOB field should continue to be the Java format in ENGLISH. However  
we will standardize on the UTC version instead of timezone specific.  
We should all ignore extra fields (ie. the EnArcField from ORNL) if they don't apply  
to our implementation.  We agreed however to keep each other informed if we   
are going to create other fields such as these.  
We are modifying the spec so specify that the label field should be relatively  
short and only one line.  The individual clients have permission to cut this  
label as short as is needed for display.  
An additional optional field was added to the spec.  It will be called "description" 
Thats all,  Please check for a "full" spec that is up to date soon.  

Elena Mendoza