DOE 2000 Electronic Notebook Project

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Overview of the Project

Collaboratories and on-line facilities are beginning to revolutionize DOE's ability to solve large, complex problems. On-line instruments and real-time conferencing capabilities allow remote scientists to collaborate on scientific tasks. A missing piece of infrastructure for these collaboratories is an electronic notebook, which allows scientists located across the country to share the record of ideas, data, and events of their joint experiments and research programs.

Through a multi-lab collaboration, LBNL, ORNL, and PNNL are developing a modular, extensible, notebook framework and using it to produce cross-platform interoperating prototype implementations. The prototypes will conform to a common notebook architecture and communications mechanism, thus allowing them to interoperate and to share components for input and display of sketches, text, equations, images, graphs, and other data types, as well as tools for authentication and other services.

In addition there are close ties between this project and the Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems Consortium and their efforts to create and expand the markets for scientific laboratory software.

The goals of the project

design a modular, extensible, notebook architecture and define a base set of notebook functionality.
develop reference notebook implementations and make them available to interested collaboratory efforts across DOE.

demonstrate the flexibility of the architecture via connection to different databases and the use of different presentation metaphors.
show interoperability between architecturally compliant notebook systems within the base functionality.
demonstrate a set of common input and display tools for notebook systems.
compare and evaluate different notebook interface designs.
support active scientific research collaborations in existing/ developing collaboratories.

Research Plan

Our electronic notebook research covers the three basic areas listed below. All three of the labs are working together to complete the specified subtasks. Progress is being made in all three areas and documented in a shared project notebook, which is password protected.

Notebook Architecture Design

Develop Compliant Notebook Implementation(s) Make Electronic Notebooks Available to Collaboratories
May 2000 Status Report
March 1999 Status Report
Electronic Notebook Demonstration to Vice President Gore
A Photo Essay January 21, 1998

If you are interested in learning more about the DOE 2000 Electronic Notebook project or about the availability of software, follow the links to LBNL, ORNL, PNNL above, or send email to our research group.
If you would like to join a mail list for notebook discussions among users,
then email: Doe2000-en-discussion and put the word SUBSCRIBE in the message body. (the list is pretty quiet at the present time)

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