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Research Areas

The computer sciences group performs research in a wide range of areas spanning high performance computing and collaborative technologies. There is much collaboration with other groups at ORNL, UT and the Center for Computational Sciences, as well as outside researchers.
Here is a list of the areas with links to the related projects.
Heterogeneous distributed computing
PVM The de facto standard for heterogeneous cluster computing.
XPVM A graphical control interface and performance monitor for PVM.
CUMULVS A collaborative computing environment that provides computational steering, fault tolerance and visualization to parallel applications.
NetSolve A client/server package that allows users to access computational resources distributed across the network.
MPI-2 Extensions to the Message Passing Interface specifications adding one-sided communication, process spawning, and I/O.
MPI-Connect A package that provides interoperability between different MPI implementations.
DOE 2000 Collaborative Technologies
Electronic Notebook A shareable notebook for use by collaborators.
CUMULVS A collaborative computing environment that plays a key role in the ACTS toolkit project. computational steering, fault tolerance and visualization.
Remote control of scientific instruments Overviews several ORNL Collaboratory efforts.
Collaborative Management Environment A framework for a robust, scalable, and secure virtual management system
Software tools for high performance computing
Scalapack A library of scaleable parallel linear algebra routines supporting PVM and MPI.
BenchWeb: BenchWeb is a starting point for finding information about computer system performance benchmarks, benchmark results, and benchmark code.
Parkbench: parallel benchmark working group
NETLIB Central repository for mathematical software, papers, and databases.
NHSE An interface to a distributed collection of HPCC repositories.
Computational Grand Challenges
Materials Magnetism
Analysis of Genomes
CHAMMP Program for the Global Change Research Program
Numerical Tokamak
High Speed Networking
Overview Network Research
Mobile Mesh Networking
Network Securitu
All Optical Networks

Recent research highlights include:

PVM spans NT and Unix Clusters. A beta version of PVM is now available that allows clusters of PCs running Win95, and NT 4.0 to be added to a virtual machine composed of Unix hosts.
CUMULVS Collaborative environment for large scale simulations plays a critical role in the DOE 2000 ACTS toolkit project.
Electronic Notebook software installed by the DOE 2000 Materials Microscopy Collaboratory pilot. Over 30 copies of the prototype notebook are in use at sites around the world.
Netsolve software publically released. With interfaces to Java, Matlab, Fortran, and C, NetSolve provides agents that search the network for NetSolve servers willing to perform the requested computation.
Billion particle molecular dynamics simulation largest in the world.
MPI Interoperability Forum started to address the issues of how to get different vendor MPI implementations to send and receive messages between themselves.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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