STSWM (NCAR Spectral Transform Shallow Water Model)

Spectral Transform Shallow Water Model

This page contains items relating to the numerical solution of the shallow water equations in spherical geometry. The shallow water equations are used as a kernel for both oceanic and atmospheric general circulation models and are of interest in evaluating numerical methods for weather forecasting and climate modeling. The DOE CHAMMP program is interested in the development of new mathematical methods for these problems. To promote this developmet, a set of test cases has been proposed and example software and reference solutions provided.

The NCAR spectral transform shallow water model (STSWM) and documentation can be down loaded by clicking on stswm.tar.gz . The code authors are J.J. Hack and R. Jakob. The STSWM code computes reference solutions for all test cases in Williamson et. al., JCP Vol 102, p. 211-224 (1992) and plots results using the NCAR Graphics package. [Reference solutions generated by this code are available by anonymous ftp from (IP address in directory chammp/shallow.]

A real data case is also provided by reading spectral coefficients provided in test7.tar.gz .

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