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PCCM2, like CCM2, can periodically save restart data. The restart data can be used to restart the model and resume execution. This feature is useful both for safeguarding against crashes and for extending beyond what was previously simulated. The NESTEP parameter in the namelist file can be increased and the simulation continued beyond what had been originally set as the last time step.

Restart data consists of a save of much of the model's state data, considerably more than just history (output) data. This is because intermediate values such as tendencies must be restored so that the model can continue on a restart as if the run had not been interrupted. If the restart does not occur at the same frequency as the calculation of radiation absorptivities and emissivities (RADABS), the data set is considerably larger because this information must be saved in the restart files as well.

John B. Drake
Wed May 15 09:51:22 EDT 1996