CHAMMP Science Team Projects

The following projects are funded for FY 1995.

Studies of ocean predictability at decade to century time scales using global ocean general circulation models in a parallel computing environment. Tim Barnett, Scripps

Massively parallel global ocean modeling. Rick Smith, LANL

Scientific development of a massively parallel ocean climate model. Bert Semtner, NPS

CHAMMPions consortium for parallel numerical methods in spectral models. John Drake, ORNL; Dave Williamson, NCAR; Ian Foster, ANL

A massively parallel, spectral element, high resolution ocean general circulation model. Hong Ma, BNL

Variability of the coupled atmosphere ocean land climate system. Jim Kinter, IGES-COLA

Symmetric truncation of the shallow water equations and modeling of coherent structures in the atmosphere. Ali Rouhi, UCSD

Scientific development of a massively parallel ocean cliamte model. Bob Chervin, NCAR

A 3-D coupled model suitable for 10,0000 yr integrations. Ian Foster, ANL and Jon Anderson, UWisc

Development and evaluation of a global version of the Miami isopycnic corrdinate model. Rainier Bleck, UMiami and Sumner Dean, LANL

Exploitation of parallelism in climate models. Ferd Baer, UMd and Joe Tribbia, NCAR

Parameterization of the effects of unresolved mesoscale eddies in global ocean circulation models. Dannevik, LLNL

Variational optimization of subgrid scale convection parameters using real data. Kerry Emanuel, MIT

Verification of the Gent-McWilliams Mesoscale Eddy Parameterization using high resolution ocean circulation model results. Kirk Bryan, Princeton

Studies in long-term noise statistics, regional climate sensitivity and predictability. Jerry North, Texas A&M

A parameterization of land-atmosphere interactions for GCMs. Roni Avissar, Rutgers

Further development of an advanced finite difference atmospheric GCM. Arakawa, UCLA and Randall, CSU

Fine-mesh treatment of the land componenet of a global climate model. Bob Dickinson, UAz

Assessing predictability in numerical modeling of ocean dynamics. Len Margolin, LANL

An integrated wind and buoyancy forced vertical mixing parameterization for ocean GCMs. Paluskiewicz, PNL