Model Development Efforts

The CHAMMP program seeks to advance the development of climate models in collaboration with other government agencies. The development teams are composed of staff from Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Lawrence Livermore, Argonne National Laboratories and the National Center for Atmospheric Research . The teams address the use of massively parallel computers for coupled ocean-atmosphere- ice models. In the first phase of the effort, the NCAR Community Climate Model, CCM2, has been implemented on the Intel Paragon, the Thinking Machines CM-5 and the IBM SP-2. In addition, a Parallel Ocean Program , POP, has been developed for Massively Parallel Processors and the UCLA Atmospheric General Circulation Model has been extended to massively parallel processing as well.

In conjunction with the NCAR Climate System Model (CSM) development, a coupled eddy resolving ocean and atmospheric model is being developed and studied.


Parallel Spectral Atmospheric Model Development,
Parallel Grid Point Atmospheric Model Development,
Ocean and Ice Model Development,
Coupled Model Development.


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Last Modified December 20, 1996