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CSM 2006 Highlight Archive

CSM Summer Students Win National Siemens Competition

students An Oak Ridge High School team, mentored in a Computational Science & Mathematics Division summer program by Nagiza Samatova, has won the overall team award in the National Siemens Competition at New York University. Scott Horton, Scott Molony and Steven Arcangeli will share a $100,000 prize for their winning project, "Linking Supercomputing and Systems Biology for Efficient Bioethanol Production," Siemens announced Monday morning. That comes in addition to $6,000 they shared for winning the New England regional award in November. Last year, Nagiza mentored another group of Oak Ridge High School students who won the regional competition and placed fourth in the national finals of the Siemens competition. Apparently, this is the first time that the competition has had back to back finalists from the same school.

The Hotter It Gets, The Hotter It Gets

A recent study by David Erickson, a researcher of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), and colleagues in geophysics and economics made the connection between regional climate modeling with state of the art economic modeling. The study, scheduled for publication in the August Geophysical Research Letters, has many facets to it. The study looked at how more air conditioning use could make global warming worse, because more electricity is required from the coal power plants. Then it looked at whether the increased global warming could make winters milder, thus decreasing heating bills. The increased electricity bills were compared to the decreased heating bills to see if they offset each other. However, the study suggests that the warming won't be enough to lessen the heating needs in the winter. The combination of regional climate modeling and state of the art economics is the "first of its kind," says Tom Wilbanks, a researcher at ORNL. Temperature predictions from a standard climate model were taken by the team and plugged into the National Energy Modeling System (NEMS) developed by the Department of Energy. The findings could make it easier for politicians to qualitatively link climate change to energy policies. More Info

Rao named UT-Battelle corporate fellow

On August 2, 2006 Nageswara Rao was as appointed as one of the newest UT-Battelle corporate fellows, a designation reserved for the highest level of recognition for career achievements in science and technology, performance and leadership. Rao is nationally recognized for his pioneering contributions in the fields of high-performance networking and multiple-sensor fusion. News Release

Study of fracture in disordered media granted 1.5 million hours by INCITE

A proposal led by Phani Nukala, “Large Scale Simulations of Fracture in Disordered Media: Statistical Physics of Fracture” was selected to receive a Department of Energy Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) award. With 1.5 million processor hours, Nukala and colleague Srdjan Simunovic hope to gain insight into how materials fracture, which despite decades of study remains a fundamental problem of science and engineering. Nukala and Simunovic will perform large-scale three-dimensional simulations of lattice networks in order to understand the size effect on material strength and the scaling laws of fracture. press release