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CSM Archive (also see CCS Highlight Archive)

2011 Highlight Archive

ORHS Student Wins

Colony Team Boots Advanced Kernel

Applied mathematicians include land ice in global climate models

Award recognizes achievement in scaling computational chemistry application

Powerful Supercomputer Peers into the Origin of Life

Scientists Explain Graphene Mystery

Ostrouchov Named ASA Fellow


2010 Highlight Archive

Apra Gordon Bell Finalist

CSMD Researcher Comments in Wired Science

ORNL team's nanoscale theory and simulation underpin collaborator's discoveries

Infiniband Exceeds High-Speed TCP/IP

Erickson Serves as Committee Member for National Academy of Science Investigation


2009 Highlight Archive

CSMD Researcher Comments in Wired Science

ORNL team's nanoscale theory and simulation underpin collaborator's discoveries

Infiniband Exceeds High-Speed TCP/IP

Erickson Serves as Committee Member for National Academy of Science Investigation


2008 Highlight Archive

Hoffman Presents Two Papers...

The People Have Spoken!

Future Technologies (FT) Group's Investigation...

Researchers Win Outstanding Mentor Award


2007 Highlight Archive

Nagi Rao Elected IEEE Fellow

CSMD Researcher's Student Wins HPC Award

Nagi Rao wins Best Paper Award

John Drake Quoted in USA Today Article

Phani Nukala wins the Emerald Award

Clear Path Forward for the SNS Power Upgrade

Researchers Sadaf R. Alam, Pratul K. Agarwal, Melissa C. Smith, and Jeffrey S. Vetter of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and David Caliga of SRC Computers publish results from their test using field-programmable gate arrays in the March 2007 issue of IEEE Computer.

Results in Nature: Discovery of the first plausible explanation for a pulsar's spin

ORNL at SC07

2006 Highlight Archive

CSM Summer Students Win National Siemens Competition

The Hotter It Gets, The Hotter It Gets

Rao named UT-Battelle corporate fellow

Study of fracture in disordered media granted 1.5 million hours by INCITE

2005 Highlight Archive

Benchmarks show Cray X1 suitable for large-scale molecular dynamics simulations -- a first step in understanding lubrication

New algorithms provide definitive molecular electronic structure AND record processing speed

ORNL at SC|05

2004 Highlight Archive

ORNL at SC2004

Jack Wells named first CCS Fellow

TVA, ORNL partner to help link valley universities

DOE Leadership-Class Computing Capability for Science will be developed at ORNL

2003 Highlight Archive

ORNL to build Science UltraNet

Jack Dongarra earns Fernbach award

TeraGrid to link with Oak Ridge neutron science facilities

ORNL at SC2003

Phoenix upgraded to 256 procesors

Jennifer Ryan is new Householder Fellow

Phoenix upgraded to 128 processors

New Computational Sciences Building

ORNL to test new Cray X1 for DOE

ORNL/UT/State partnership

2001-2002 Highlight Archive

Robert Harrison wins Sidney Fernbach Award

ORNL at SC2002

David Erickson appointed to SOLAS

OC192 connection from ORNL to Atlanta

"Cheetah" eighth fastest computer

Al Geist Appointed Corporate Fellow

CCS gets 4 TeraFLOP system

"Supercomputing on a CD" still topping the charts

Employment Opportunities with CSM

RAM summer session -- now in progress!

Dongarra elected to National Academy of Engineering

CFD Simulation Could lead to CPR Improvements

"Supercomputer on a CD" released

2000 Highlight Archive

New World Record for Data Transfer Set in Probe

High-Tech Cars May be Risky to Drivers

New Mathematical Method will Benefit Semiconductor Research

Computational Sciences to get new Facility

Zacharia named Deputy Associate Lab Director for High Performance Computing

ORNL Dedicates Terascale Computing Facility

R&D 100 award

ORNL hosts Networking Research workshop

ARM team recognized by DOE

ORNL Materials application enshrined in Smithsonian

TWO new supercomputers in the same week!

Can you say "TFLOPS"?

B. Radhakrishnan invited to speak at Gordon conference

New method for crack-tip analysis

Computing with quantum dot arrays

Compaq system added for evaluation

"Eagle" is soaring

CSM in the news

Jack Dongarra elected as IEEE Fellow

ORNL adds more computing power!

1998-1999 Highlight Archive

SP procurement team wins ORNL award

Lynne Parker wins EOE Early Career Scientist Award!

Oak Ridger spotlights ORNL computing progress

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Intelligent Vehicles

Welding society lauds ORNL paper

ORNL Brings Home Awards from SC98

   CSM Projects   
   Advanced Simulation Capability for Environmental Management (ASCEM)   
   The Center for Simulation of RF Wave Interactions with Magnetohydrodynamics (SWIM)   
   Coordinated Infrastructure for Fault Tolerant Systems (CIFTS)   
   Hybrid Multi-Core Consortium   
   Integral Equation Technology   
   MADNESS (Multiresolution Adaptive Numerical Environment for Scientific Simulation)   
   NEAMS Integrated Computational Environment (NiCE)   
   Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation (NEAMS)   
   Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) for Petascale High-End Computing and Beyond   
  INCITE Allocated Projects  
   Advanced Simulations of Plasma Microturbulence at the Petascale and Beyond   
   Cellulosic Ethanol: Simulation of Multicomponent Biomass System   
   Climate-Science Computational Development Team: The Climate End Station II   
   High-Fidelity Simulations for Advanced Engine Combustion Research   
   High Fidelity Tokamak Edge Simulation for Efficient Confinement of Fusion Plasma   
   Investigation of Multi-Scale Transport Physics of Fusion Experiments Using Global Gyrokinetic Turbulence Simulations   
   Magnetic Structure and Thermodynamics of Low Dimensional Magnetic Structures   
   Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions   
   Performance Evaluation and Analysis Consortium End Station   
   Petascale Modeling of Chemical Catalysts and Interfaces   
   Three Dimensional Simulations for Core Collapse Supernovae   
   Ultrascale Simulation of Basin-Scale CO2 Sequestration in Deep Geologic Formations and Radionuclide Migration using PFLOTRAN   
   Uncertainty Quantification for Three-Dimensional Reactor Assembly Simulations   
   Understanding the Ultimate Battery Chemistry: Rechargeable Lithium/Air