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Application Performance Tools

Software Developed by APT Group Members

The following are research software products developed by APT
Colony Kernel An advanced operating system with adaptive capabilities that reduce or eliminate the problems associated with operating system interference/noise. contact
Terry Jones
Open MPI An open source MPI implementation developed by a collaboration of national laboratories, universities, and high-end industrial partners. contact Richard Graham
STCI The purpose of the Scalable Tools Communication Infrastructure initiative is to develop a common, scalable, portable, and extensible communication infrastructure for the deployment of developer tools on the emerging peta- and exa-scale high performance computing systems. contact Richard Graham

Other software products associated with APT

  • Compilers
    • Jaguar Production Compilers
    • Smoky Production Compilers
    • ...
  • Debuggers
    • DDT (Vendor=Allinea) (Features=3D data viz, memory checking)
    • gdb & DDD (Vendor=GNU) (Features=python,perl,java) (Issues=)
    • Guard (Vendor=Guardsoft) (Features=relative debugger) uses gdb
    • IDB (Vendor=Intel) (Features=dbx or gdb modes) parallel?
    • pgdbg (Vendor=Portland Group)
    • Totalview (Vendor=Etnus) (Features=memory checking)
  • Environments
    • Eclipse (Vendor=IBM) (Features=Integrated Development Environment (IDE))
    • NetBeans (Vendor=Sun) (Features=Integrated Development Environment (IDE))
  • Memory Analysis Tools
    • ccmalloc (Vendor=GNU) (Features=works on stripped exe) (Apply=relink)
    • Insur (Vendor=ParaSoft) (Features=code coverage info) (Apply=recompile tool)
    • Purify (Vendor=IBM/Rational) (Features=dynamic)
    • valgrind (Vendor=GNU) (Features=skins available)
  • Tracers
    • VampirTrace (Vendor = TU-Dresden, apply=recompile, relink, preload or dynamic)
    • mpitrace (Vendor=IBM) not thread safe
  • Visualizers
    • Vampir (Vendor = GWT/TU-Dresden, apply=using VampirTrace)
    • Intel Trace Tools (Vendor=Intel) GUI (apply=relink)
    • Jumpshot (Provider=Argonne) (apply=relink)
    • Opt (Provider=Alinnea) (apply=dynamic) (features=interoperable with DDT)
    • Paradyn (Provider=U of Wisconsin) (apply=dynamic)
    • Paraver (Provider=CEPBA UPC) (apply=dynamic/relink)
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