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The Computer Science & Mathematics Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory has headquarters in building 5700 on the Oak Ridge reservation. Located in East Tennessee, Oak Ridge is near Interstates 40 and 75 and is served by Knoxville's McGhee-Tyson Airport (TYS).

  • from TYS to ORNL by I-140 PREFERRED route
  • from TYS to ORNL via Lenoir City
  • from I-40E/W to ORNL (by I-140)
  • from I-75N/S to ORNL (by I-140)

Where to go first

All visitors must go to the Visitor center first. But if you have not arranged for a badge in advance, you won't get that far! You'll be stopped at the gate on Bethel Valley Road.

How to get here

The shortest route from the airport (TYS) to ORNL is to take I-140, the "Pellissippi connector" aka "Pellissippi Parkway". If you are traveling between TYS and ORNL during peak traffic, you may wish to take the scenic (and less traveled) route through Lenoir City via highways 321 and 95. The highway signage on all routes is usually sufficient for navigation without maps, if you are traveling in daylight and good weather--good thing, since that route is NOT shown on the ORNL maps. Click on link below to view ORNL maps.



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