ORNL Research Exhibit at SC99

Visitors to last year's SC98 are sure to remember the "Audi-body experience" presented by ORNL crashworthiness researchers. Ever wonder what would happen to the driver in one of those crashes? At this year's SC99, researchers from ORNL will take visitors inside the human body with the Virtual Human and Human Genome projects. Visit the ORNL booth and you can ...hold a heart in your hands while viewing the geometric model...feel the muscle of a virtual arm and take a pulse using haptic devices...and maybe catch a glimpse of Mouse House inhabitants. Learn about the computational tools and architectures needed to model mice and Man.

Computer Science

At ORNL we are constantly pushing the limits of innovation in high-performance computing, bringing the biggest, fastest, and newest systems to bear on problems of national importance. ORNL develops and distributes the tools needed for researchers to make optimum use of computing resources -- from collaborative tools like the electronic notebook to leading numerical libraries.
Big problems have massive data requirements. ORNL's separate production and research storage systems allow us to investigate improvements without impeding scientific access. Sometimes words and numbers aren't enough, so ORNL reseachers are provided with the latest tools to build, experience, and manipulate virtual worlds, from immersive viewing to haptic devices.
Whether connecting a single user to a supercomputer, or connecting heterogeneous systems together across the country, ORNL is on the leading edge of networking research. Emerging Technologies For connecting to the real world, ORNL has developed interfaces to instruments and experiments. This provides researchers worldwide with remote access to specialized equipment.

Computational Science

Understanding Global Change Automotive applications Virtual Human Initiative Computational Biology

ORNL papers at SC99

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