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CCS VizLab
  • A novel technique is being employed to understand fluids transport in complex geologic structures, such as those underlying the Oak Ridge Reservation. details
  • Computational chemistry simulations at ORNL are a driver for designing, developing, and understanding new molecular-based materials. details
  • ORNL researchers are modelling stellar explosions to better understand the mechanisms which distribute elements throughout the cosmos. details
  • The Virtual Human (VH) will integrate diverse data, models, and algorithms, and provide a unique human simulation platform for diverse applications. details
  • Numerical simulations of casting processes are used in concert with experimental results to enhance product quality and characteristics. details
  • Realistic, real-time computer simulations are being used to enhance the community redevelopment decisionmaking process. details
  • The Spallation Neutron Source target has been simulated using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), yielding important design information. details
FBI fingerprint analysis system
  • Allows local, state, and Federal fingerprint contributors to electronically transmit live and scanned images of fingerprints and descriptor data to the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJISD)
  • Supports faster responses to contributors with results from searches of the FBI's Criminal Masterfiles.

DSRD (Data Systems Research and Development)

A human simulation tool, the Virtual Human, is under development at ORNL. ORNL is uniquely equipped to pioneer this development due to our experience with numerous anatomical and biokinetic models, databases, informatics and visualization capabilities, as well as the supercomputing and massive data storage devices required. The model will incorporate physics (such as mechanical and electrical tissue properties) and biology (from physiology to biochemical information), so that responses to varied stimuli (biological, chemical and physical) can be predicted mechanistically and results viewed three-dimensionally.

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