ORNL Research Exhibit at SC98

The dynamic relationship between science and computing at ORNL brings computational science, high-performance computing, networking, storage, and visualization to new levels. In tune with SC98's "10th Anniversary" theme, we highlight the history and progression of ORNL accomplishments.

Scientific Research Challenges: ORNL's extensive resources -- from massive and varied data archives, to unique test facilities -- are combined with decades of experience in complex computational modeling and tools development to address Automotive Crashworthiness and Combustion, Functional Genomics, Global Sciences, Groundwater Remediation, Materials Science, Neutron Science research, and wide range of other research topics.

The Road to Teraops: Having brought Intel Paragons to peak levels of performance and reliability, the Center for Computational Sciences plans a detailed evaluation of the exciting new SRC 6 architecture. Also key to ORNL's strategy for developing a multi-teraops computing environment is the development, by Computer Science and Mathematics Division, of tools for distributed and cluster computing.

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