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ORNL participation in SC2007 committees

ORNL Research Exhibit at SC2007

ORNL participation in SC2007 tutorials

Jack Dongarra is co-chair for the Tutorials committee for the conference.
John Cobb
is on the Tutorials committee for the conference.

ORNL participation in SC2007 MasterWorks

Thomas Zacharia is chair for the Masterworks sessions

ORNL participation in SC2007 technical papers

Ricky Kendall is co-chair for the Technical Papers committee for the conference.
Sadaf Alam is on the Technical Papers Program committee for the conference.
Philip Roth is on the Technical Papers Program committee for the conference.
Jeff Vetter is on the Technical Papers Program committee for the conference.
Patrick Worley is on the Technical Papers Program committee for the conference.
Richard Barrett is an External Technical Paper Referee for the conference.
Robert Harrison is an External Technical Paper Referee for the conference.
Stephen Hodson is an External Technical Paper Referee for the conference.
Jeremy Meredith is an External Technical Paper Referee for the conference.
George Ostrouchov is an External Technical Paper Referee for the conference.
Nagiza Samatova is an External Technical Paper Referee for the conference.
Sudharshan S. Vazhkudai is an External Technical Paper Referee for the conference.
Weikuan Yu is an External Technical Paper Referee for the conference.

ORNL participation in SC2007 panels

ORNL participation in SC2007 Disruptive Technologies

ORNL participation in SC2007 workshops

ORNL participation in SC2007 Education Outreach

Information on current employment opportunities and on student programs (RAMS, internships, summer semesters, etc.) ORNL is sponsoring two students for the Education Program: will be available in the ORNL booth -- Debbie McCoy, contact.

ORNL participation in SC2007 MSI Outreach

Debbie McCoy will be participating in the MSI meetings.

ORNL participation in SC2007 BOFs

ORNL participation in SC2007 posters

ORNL booth images and posters

ORNL participation in SC2007 awards won

ORNL kiosk presentations

  Name Title
PDF File
PowerPoint File
Applied Mathematics
  Ed D’Azevedo Computational Mathematics at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Sreekanth Pannala Micro-Mesoscopic Modeling of Heterogeneous Chemically Reacting Flows (MMMHCRF) Over Catalytic/Solid Surfaces
Kalyan S. Perumalla Parallel Discrete Event Simulation (PDES) at ORNL
The Innovative Computing Laboratory IBM Cell for Linear Algebra Computations
Valmor de Almeida, Ahmed Khamayseh Adaptive Hybrid Mesh Refinement for Multiphysics Applications
George Ostrouchov ORNL Statistics and Data Sciences

Computer Science & Engineering
- Middleware

  Nagiza F. Samatova, Arie Shoshani (PI) Scientific Data Management Center
Jack Dongarra KOJAK and SCALASCA
Jack Dongarra, Shirley Moore, Daniel Terpstra, Haihang You Component PAPI: Measuring Multiple Counter Domains
Al Geist Fault Tolerance Challenges and Solutions
Richard L. Graham Open MPI on the Cray XT
Piotr Luszczek The Lapack For Clusters (LFC) Project
Dawid Kurzyniec, Magdalena Slawinska, Jaroslaw Slawinski, Vaidy Sunderam The Zero-Force MPI Toolkit – Toward Tractable Toolkits for HPC
The CCA Forum and the TASCS How the Common Component Architecture (CCA) Advances Computational Science
The CCA Forum and the TASCS An Overview of the Common Component Architecture (CCA)
The Innovative Computing Laboratory Dealing with the Scale Problem
The Innovative Computing Laboratory PLASMA (Parallel Linear Algebra for Scalable Multicore Architectures)
Computer Science & Engineering
- Performace
  Sadaf R. Alam, Nikhil Bhatia, Jeffrey S. Vetter (PI) Modeling Assertions: Symbolic Model Representation of Application Performance
Philip C. Roth, Jeffrey S. Vetter (Leader), Weikuan Yu Understanding and Optimizing Data Input/Output of Large-Scale Scientific Applications
Piotr Luszczek The HPC Challenge (HPCC) Benchmark Suite
Patrick H. Worley Performance Engineering Research Institute (PERI)
Patrick H. Worley Performance Evaluation & Analysis Consortium (PEAC) End Station
Computer Science & Engineering
- Storage
  Philip C. Roth SciDAC-2 Petascale Data Storage Institute
Sudharshan Vazhkudai Robust Storage Management in the Machine Room and Beyond
Scott Klasky, Terry Moore Logistical Networking for Energy Sciences
Computer Science & Engineering
- System Software & Tools
  Christian Engelmann The Harness Workbench: Unified and Adaptive Access to Diverse HPC Platforms
Tara D. Gibson, James D. Myers, Jens Schwidder Scientific Annotation Middleware Software infrastructure to support rich scientific records and the processes that produce them
Al Geist Scalable Systems Software Project
David E. Bernholdt, Wael R. Elwasif, Robert J. Harrison, Aniruddha G. Shet High Productivity Language Systems: Next Generation Petascale Programming
Nikhil Bhatia, Collin McCurdy, Phil Roth, Jeffrey S. Vetter (PI), WeiKuan Yu FAST-OS: Petascale Single System Image
Christian Engelmann, Stephen L. Scott Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) for High-Performance Computing
Thomas Naughton, Stephen L. Scott, Geoffroy Vallée Open Source Cluster Application Resources (OSCAR)
Thomas Naughton, Stephen L.Scott, Geoffroy Vallée System-Level Virtualization & OSCAR-V
Education & Job Opportunities
  Debbie McCoy Research Alliance in Math and Science
Future Systems
  Jacob Barhen, Neena Imam Ultrafast Signal Processing via Innovative Emerging Computer Technologies
Sadaf Alam, Jeremy Meredith, Jeffrey Vetter Performance and Productivity of Emerging Architectures
Sadaf R. Alam, Jeremy S. Meredith, Jeffrey S. Vetter Programming the Cell Processor: Achieving High Performance and Efficiency
Olaf O. Storaasli ORNL Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Research Speeds HPC "up to 100X"
Homeland Security/Defense
  Frank DeNap SensorNet Technologies and Real-world Deployments
Knowledge Discovery
  Jinzhu Gao, Markus Glatter, Jian Huang, Colin Mollenhour Scalable Data Servers for Large Multivariate Volume Visualization
Xiaohui Cui, Yu (Cathy) Jiao, Robert M. Patton Data Analysis and High Performance Computing
Budhendra Bhaduri, Auroop Ganguly, Ranga Raju Vatsavai Geospatial Data Sciences
Budhendra Bhaduri, Alexandre Sorokine High-Performance Visualization of Geographic Data
Budhendra Bhaduri LandScan Population Research Program
Leadership Infrastructure
  Buddy Bland Leadership Computing Facility (LCF) Roadmap
Ricky A. Kendall Scientific Computing Group
Scott A. Klasky End-to-End Computing at ORNL
Josh Lothian NCCS Network Roadmap
Nagi Rao DOE UltraScience Net: High-Performance Experimental Network Research Testbed
Shane Canon Infrastructure
Sean Ahern Visualization at ORNL’s National Center for Computational Sciences
Jim Rogers NCCS Hardware
W. R. Wing ORNL’s FutureNet Infrastructure
Leadership Science
- Astrophysics
  Anthony Mezzacappa Toward the Explosion Mechanism for Core-Collapse Supernovas: An Emerging Picture
Leadership Science
- Biology
  Pratul K. Agarwal Next Generation Simulations in Biology: Investigating biomolecular structure, dynamics and function through multiscale modeling
Igor B. Jouline ORNL–University Partnerships in Computational Biology
Nagiza Samatova BioPilot: Data-Intensive Computing for Complex Biological Systems
Barbara Beckerman Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Informatics
Leadership Science
- Climate
  David Bernholdt The Earth System Grid: Turning Climate Datasets into Community Resources
John B. Drake The SciDAC CCSM Consortium Project
Lawrence Buja, James B.White III (Trey) LCF Climate Science Computational End Station
Forrest M. Hoffman Global Coupled Climate and Carbon Cycle Modeling
Richard Mills SciDAC-2 project: Modeling Multiscale-Multiphase-Multicomponent Subsurface Reactive Flows Using Advance Computing/
Leadership Science
- Combustion
  Jacqueline H. Chen (PI), David H. Lignell, Ramanan Sankaran, Chun S. Yoo High Fidelity Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Combustion
Leadership Science
- Fusion
  Donald B. Batchelor High-Performance Computing in Magnetic Fusion Energy Research
J. R. Cary FACETS: Framework Application for Core-Edge Transport Simulations
Center for Plasma Edge Simulation Team, Scott A. Klasky XGC: Gyrokinetic Particle Simulation of Edge Plasma
Scott A. Klasky Gyrokinetic Particle Simulations of Fusion Plasmas
Leadership Science
  Kevin Clarno Collaboration for Advanced Nuclear Simulation: Predictive Reactor Simulation for GNEP
Leadership Science
-Materials Science & Nanoscience
  Thomas C.Schulthess Statistical Physics of Fracture: Recent Advances through High-Performance Computing
Thomas C. Schulthess Fermion Glue in the Hubbard Model: New Insights into the Cuprate Pairing Mechanism with Advanced Computing
Leadership Science
- Nuclear Physics
  David J. Dean Building Nuclei from the Ground Up: Nuclear Coupled-cluster Theory
Leadership Science
  Thomas Zacharia Collaborators
Douglas B. Kothe NCCS: 2007 INCITE Allocations
  John W. Cobb. The Neutron Science TeraGrid Gateway: TeraGrid Cyberinfrastructure at ORNL
Philip Andrews Hardware National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS): Computing Resources for the Future at the National Institute for Computational Sciences
  Thomas Zacharia Joint Institute for Computational Sciences
Julia C.White National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS): Education, Outreach and Training
Philip Andrews National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS): Overview
- Partners
  Julia C.White Region National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS): Outstanding Academic and Natural Resources in East Tennessee
- Software
  Ricky A. Kendall Applications National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS): NSF and ORNL 2011 Model Problems

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