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PNNL Active Storage entry won “Most Innovative Use of StorCloud” in the StorCloud Challenge. Scott Studham of ORNL was a member of this team.

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Information on current employment opportunities and on student programs (RAMS, internships, summer semesters, etc.) will be available in the ORNL booth -- Debbie McCoy, contact

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ORNL has the nation's most modern computer facility for unclassified scientific computing. The National Center for Computational Sciences will house the National Leadership Computing Facility. The NLCF engages a world-class team from national laboratories, research institutions, computing centers, universities, and vendors to take a dramatic step forward to field a new capability for high-end science. The NLCF will provide the nation's most powerful open resource for capability computing, with a sustainable path that will maintain and extend national leadership for the Department of Energy's Office of Science.

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