DOE SciDAC booth at SC2002 (photos)

Areas of booth, clockwise from upper right. Areas are named by subject and shape. schedule of theater presentations

Chemistry (T1-C, T2-A&B)
ISICs (T2-C, T3-A&B)
Climate (T3-C, T4-A&B)
Fusion (T4-C, T5-A&B)
Scientific Application Partnerships(T5-C)
Collaboratories and Networks (T6-A&B)
HENP (T6-C, T1-A&B)

A panels
B panels
C panels


Booth Coordination and infrastructure (layout, logistics, setup, etc.) handled by Debbie McCoy.
Graphic arts coordination by Peggy Brown.
Website by Betsy Riley.

Printing by Endless Edge. Structure by TDS-exhibits.

SciDAC booth : Chemistry | Climate | Collaboratories/Networks | Fusion | HENP | ISICs | Science Application Partnerships

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