ORNL booth at SC2002

Homeland Security "C"

Homeland Security SensorNet Energy Assurance
LandScan ORNL Agents Protecting the Nation's Water Supply

Homeland Security:

Information Technology (ORNL Agents)

contacts: Tom Potok, Dick Reid
fact sheet

High Resolution Population Modeling (LandScan)

contact: Budhu Bhaduri
fact sheet

Expert Systems Facility Analysis

contact: Dave Hetrick
VISAC fact sheet | modeling group fact sheet

Nationwide Detection and Assessment of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Threats

contacts: Dick Reid, Jim Kulesz
fact sheet

Energy Assurance:

HYTRAS (Infrastructure Threat Modeling/Protecting the Nation's Water Supply)

contacts: Dave Hetrick, Budhu Bhaduri

System Design and Analysis

contact: Bob Morris

National Infrastructure Repository

contact: Budhu Bhaduri

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