Photos of SciDAC booth at SC2002


Abraham and Laub at entrance | Abraham and Laub from entrance desk
Abraham in aisle | Abraham in aisle (long shot)
Abraham with Jeff and Thomas | Abraham, Jeff, Thomas (long shot)
Abraham crowd at SciDAC logo | Abraham crowd below SciDAC logo

Undersec. Card closeup | Fred Johnson with Card, Polansky | Fred Johnson laughing
Thomas with Card, Laub, Johnson, Polansky | Johnson, Laub, Thomas, Card
Laub talking to Card with Thomas
Tony shaking hands with Card | Tony talking to Card
Fred talking to Tony and Card | Fred, Tony, Card long shot | Fred, Tony, Card closeup

side view of entrance with Debbie | Debbie at entrance (closeup)
Debbie and Matt Wolf | Debbie, Matt (closeup) | Debbie, Matt (better) | Debbie, Matt longshot
Jane Hiegel at entrance | Jane Hiegel
Al and Thom? at entrance desk | ISIC and Al at entrance
Al giving talk | Al pointing at screen

demo people | demo stations | demo station | empty demo station
Supernova demo people
people touring booth

Views of the booth

TSI through booth | through booth from PERC/climate corner
looking up at entrance | looking along top of beams
aerial of PERC/climate corner | aerial of sign and T6,T1
aerial of CCA (T2) and T1 | darker aerial of CCA (T2) and T1
dark aerial of Fusion | down aerial of Fusion T
down aerial of climate | down aerial of climate/entrance

The hanging sign

Office of Science logo | SciDAC logo | New Paradigm quote

SciDAC booth : Chemistry | Climate | Collaboratories/Networks | Fusion | HENP | ISICs | Science Application Partnerships

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