SC2001 Posters

The ORNL booth at SC2001 had posters arranged in "U" areas and "Y" areas (named for the shape of the booth structure). On this page are thumbnails of the posters showing the spatial relationships they had in the booth. Clicking on the thumbnails will take you to a page on that section of the booth, with links to larger images and to pages on that research subject. photos

The "Apps U" gives an overview of ORNL's involvement in the DOE SciDAC program, with an emphasis on applications research. Applications are covered here and in the Astro/Fusion (HENP/FES) and Biology (OBER) "Y" areas on either side.

A demo of climate research was provided here.


A demo of performance evaluation tools was provided here.

TSI demo Fusion

The Astro/Fusion "Y" gives an overview of research conducted for DOE HENP and FES as part of the DOE SciDAC program.



The Biology "Y" gives an overview of ORNL's robust resources and research conducted for DOE OBER.

Materials posters and demo give an overview of ORNL's materials research for DOE BES.


The "Power U" gives an overview of the many computational resources that ORNL provides to the DOE SciDAC program.


Data Mining demo
Networking Research


CCA/CCTTSS presentations on Smartboard here. Official CCTTSS demo site at SC2001



The "Tools U" gives an overview of ORNL's involvement in the development of software tools, specifically involvement in the SciDAC ISICs.



Harness demo
using Smartboard

OSCAR demo
using cluster
built onsite

Adjacent to "Tools U" (on outside wall of the office):

In an area we called the "Pit U" (from "conversation pit"), a photo montage gives a pictorial overview of the climate, terrain, and wildlife of East Tennessee, including snapshots of work and leisure lifestyles. Lower level posters highlight planned facility upgrades and historical accomplishments.


seating area

rotating demos

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