Originally appeared on Volunteer TV August 22, 2002
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UT and ORNL Partnership

Another multi-million dollar project is underway at the Department of Energy in Oak Ridge. It's expected to bring more jobs to the area and provide another boost to the local economy.

The ceremonial event did more than unearth a ten million dollar high-tech computer project. At least 100 jobs are created, and the economic impact is expected to reach deep into East Tennessee.

"Concrete companies, rebar companies, office supply companies. When you have a major program like this, it isn't just for the scientist, it's for a much broader population," says ORNL Director, Dr. Bill Madia.

The facility will provide high performance computer resources and create a "think tank" for major science and technology issues. The project combines the efforts of the state and federal governments and the University of Tennessee. The world's most powerful computer will eventually be available to UT students and researchers.

"The University of Tennessee is alive and well. It's growing, it's dynamic and it has all kinds of quality opportunity for teaching and research that this partnership energizes and makes possible," University of Tennessee President, Dr. John Shumaker said.

While some of the world's most advanced technology continues to find its way to East Tennessee. The state of Tennessee is fronting the ten million dollars for the project. Its completion date is the year 2004.

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