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Originally appeared in September 9, 2005

Storaasli Joins ORNL

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has announced that Dr. Olaf Storaasli, a researcher with more than 30 years of experience in algorithms and architectures for high performance computing, has joined the laboratory as a Distinguished R&D Staff Member in the Future Technologies Group of the Computer Science and Mathematics Division. Storaasli will advance ORNL's capabilities in the areas of computational science, advanced architectures and novel algorithms for high performance computing.

Prior to ORNL, Storaasli was a senior research scientist at NASA Langley Research Center. At NASA, he developed structural algorithms and methods to exploit the power of high-performance computers including advanced architectures based on Field Programmable Gate Arrays. This work included algorithms to solve large-scale complex systems of matrix equations for structures, electromagnetics, and acoustic applications. Storaasli has edited six books, published over 80 technical papers, and given more than 100 technical presentations on research in these areas.

"We are very excited to have a scientist of Dr. Storaasli's stature join our effort to explore advanced architectures and algorithms for next-generation computing," said Jeffrey Vetter, leader of the Future Technologies Group. "His skills and experiences in both scientific algorithms and advanced architectures will become increasingly important over the next decade as the task of mapping algorithms to diverse architectures becomes essential," Vetter concluded.


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