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Originally appeared in June 2, 2004 Knoxville News-Sentinel

Sharing assets: TVA, ORNL connect to colleges

By LARISA BRASS, brass@knews.com
June 2, 2004

The Tennessee Valley Authority and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have partnered to bring the lab's supercomputing power to universities across the state and beyond.

Following the recent decision to make ORNL home to the world's fastest supercomputer, TVA and ORNL have reached an agreement to connect ORNL's National Center for Computational Sciences to the University of Tennessee and Vanderbilt University in Nashville using fiber optic lines TVA had already installed.

Ultimately, the lab plans to extend those connections to universities in upper Northeast and West Tennessee and even Mississippi, Alabama, and Kentucky.

TVA director Bill Baxter made the announcement at the Tennessee Valley Corridor Summit, saying the agreement showed "we're doing some things right here in the valley" with "unique assets in this region."

TVA has signed a 20-year memorandum of understanding with the lab to provide two dedicated strands of fiber optic cable between ORNL, Knoxville and Nashville. The connection will go live this fall.

Also this fall, meetings will be held with other universities in Tennessee and surrounding states about the prospect of future connection to the ORNL supercomputer.

Potential collaborators include East Tennessee State University, Tennessee Technological University, the University of Memphis, St. Jude Research Hospital, the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University, the University of Alabama at Huntsville, East Tennessee State University and Western Kentucky University.

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