Originally appeared in ORNL Today August 26, 2002

JICS/ORCAS dedication: "Sounds of joy"

Gov. Don Sundquist, Lt. Gov. John Wilder, Rep. Zach Wamp and UT President John Shumaker helped ORNL dedicate the Joint Institute for Computational Sciences and Oak Ridge Center for Advanced Studies last Thursday morning on the Bldg. 4500-N lawn.

The 52,000-sq.-ft JICS/ORCAS structure (shown) will include research and office space, conference rooms, a computer-workstation-style lecture hall, state-of-the-art distance learning center and studio, and technology incubator space. The Tennessee General Assembly provided $9 million to fund the facility.

Gov. Sundquist joined the other speakers in noting the partnership and support among federal, state and local governments that culminated in a building program at ORNL unprecedented since the Manhattan Project. In fact, construction on the privately funded facilities buzzed along throughout the ceremony. "There is nothing like the sound of construction to make a university president's heart beat with joy," said Shumaker, who recently became UT's new president.

"The idea of a state investment of (in all) $26 million on four facilities at ORNL was unprecedented, but compelling," Gov. Sundquist said. "Investing in ORNL has been one of the best decisions we have made. I hope this is the first of many right decisions where we have stuck our neck out and invested in the future."

Lt. Gov. Wilder credited ORNL for looking beyond the federal government for resources. The Lab also "looked to the state and got $70 million in private investment. I've never seen (federal, state and private investment) work so closely together," he said.

Rep. Wamp, who has been key in gathering support for ORNL's expansion in Washington, remarked, "You have to have state government and local government demonstrate its support for investment, and that's what you see here. When you invest in technology, you get growth and opportunities and jobs."

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