Originally appeared in Friday, November 22, 2002 Oak Ridger

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Abraham briefed

Energy Secretary Abraham Spencer is briefed at the Supercomputing 2002 Conference in Baltimore, Md., by Oak Ridge National Laboratory Computing and Computational Sciences Associate Laboratory Director Thomas Zacharia, left, and Computational Sciences and Engineering Director Jeff Nichols, center.

ORNL is ranked as having a computer in the top echelon of the world supercomputers, according to the Top 500 Supercomputer listing compiled by the University of Tennessee, University of Manheim (Germany) and the NERSC at Berkeley Lab.

The list was rolled out at the conference. ORNL's 3.2 teraflop IBM pSeries 690 Turbo, or Cheetah, is number 16 on the list. ORNL had a large presence at this year's conference and aims to figure highly in the Office of Science's climb to the top of the 500 list, according to an ORNL news release .

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