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Date Title of article or description of coverage Media Outlet
08/13/2007 Climate Model Predicts Hot Decade USA Today
05/04/2007 Using FPGA Devices to Accelerate Biomolecular Simulations IEEE Computer
04/13/2007 Supercomputer Doubles Performance OakRidger
04/11/2007 ORNL More Than Doubles Performance of Cray Supercomputer
to 119 Teraflops
also appeared in: HPCWire
04/09/2007 Weather Predictor Oak Ridger
04/08/2007 Dogwoods to frogs, tulips to snow, Knox shows signs of warming knoxNews
04/06/2007 Oak Ridge ‘Jaguar’ purrs at 119 teraflops
03/08/2007 UT-ORNL computational study finds new way to understand cell communication Oak Ridger
02/26/2007 Simulations probe how enzymes crack cellulose Pulse
02/14/2007 Tiny chips, big ideas WyomingNews
02/13/2007 Building a Molecular Computer Chip PhysOrg.com
02/07/2007 Earth's status beyond dire Detroit News
02/06/2007 We can still try to slow warming Concord Monitor
02/05/2007 Sun gives new life to Fortran language GCN
02/05/2007 Cutting-Edge Projects Awarded Super Computing Time Technology News Daily
02/05/2007 Game over on global warming? Sun-Sentinel
02/04/2007 Consensus has been building for century on climate change The China Post
02/02/2007 Cutting-Edge Projects Awarded Computing Time On Blue Gene/L HPCWire
02/02/2007 Up and running super smoothly KnoxNews
01/29/2007 Atom-scale switch is based on nanotube (also appeared in DOE Pulse.) ORNL PR Release
01/23/2007 High-tech race heats up Chattanooga Times Free Press
01/15/2007 ORNL team has new explanation for pulsars' spin Oak Ridger
01/10/2007 Jaguar and kin face big hunts KnoxNews
01/05/2007 ORNL Team Discovers New Way to Spin Up Pulsars HPCwire
01/05/2007 Backing for high performance computing Engineer Live
01/05/2007 Cray Supercomputer Used to Advance Fusion Research HPCwire
01/04/2007 Research puts new spin on pulsars News & Observer
01/04/2007 DataDirect Storage Powers Bandwidth Challenge Winners HPCwire
01/04/2007 SNS completion highlights year of ORNL achievements Oak Ridger
01/03/2007 ORNL project aims to lessen impact of natural disasters Oak Ridger
01/02/2007 General Atomics Scientists Use Cray X1E Supercomputer at ORNL to Make Important Advance in Fusion Research marketWIRE
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